Shinken probe to get and check JMX attributes on a remote Java instance.
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You must have Maven installed, and a working JDK 8 to build the project.


Run the following command:


The library will be generated in target/jmx-$VERSION.jar.


To run the program, just type:

java -jar target/jmx-$VERSION.jar

The program will show you the help.


The following command will get:

  • on port 8209: -U service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://
  • memory information: -O java.lang:type=Memory
  • for Non Heap (PermGen) memory usage: -a NonHeapMemoryUsage
  • using used key to get current value: -k used
  • using max key to get maximum value: -K used
  • with 80% used warning threshold: -w 80
  • with 90% used critical threshold: -c 90
  • using Byte unit: -u B
  • humanizing output: -H
  • using SI: -s
java -jar target/jmx-$VERSION.jar -U service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi:// -O java.lang:type=Memory -a NonHeapMemoryUsage -k used -K max -w 80 -c 90 -u B -H -s